1994 "Tucson I" Conference Flyer             London Times Higher Education Supplement prepared a special insert

           mailed in spring 1993                 for "Tucson II" and uploaded audio recordings of all plenary talks each evening.

     Scientific American article chronicled Tucson II conference                                             ...as did the Daily Wildcat                                

Consciousness Bulletin 1997

Can Neuroscience Explain Consciousness?

Society for Neuroscience Satellite Symposium
Organized by the Center for Consciousness Studies
at The University of Arizona
Sponsored by the Fetzer Institute
October 25, 1997

Consciousness Bulletin 1998 (.pdf file)



Naples and Ischia, Italy

Emotion, Qualia and Consciousness
October 19-24, 1998

 Copenhagen and Elsinore, Denmark


The Brain and Self Workshop
August 18-24, 1997


Consciousness Bulletin 1999 (.pdf file)

Facilitating Emotional Awareness
1999 Consciousness Studies Summer Institute
July 13-17, 1999
The Seasons, Fetzer Institute, Kalamazoo, Michigan


                   ......and the Tucson Weekly


Tucson, Arizona provides the setting of the
Toward a Science of Consciousness conferences.

Discussions started in poster sessions sometimes
carry on until the lights are switched off.




Quantum Brain Theory and Consciousness
- Lecture by Prof. Hameroff -

DATE: Octorber 3 (Saturday), 1998

TIME: 14:00-16:30

PLACE: Advanced Medical Research Center for Heavy Ions,

National Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS), STA, Japan

9-1, Anagawa-4, Inage-ku, Chiba-shi 263-8555 JAPAN


Quantum Approaches to Consciousness

July 28-August 1, 1999
Flagstaff, Arizona

Quantum Mind 1999

The first Quantum Mind conference was held at Northern Arizona University

in Flagstaff, Arizona in August 1999. Over 100 participants attended.

Toward a Science of Consciousness
- Fundamental Approaches -

Tokyo '99,  May 25-28, 1999
United Nations University, Tokyo, Japan


Sponsored by The Center for Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona
                                             April 8 - 15, 2000  *  Tucson, Arizona




The second Quantum Mind conference was held in March 2003   at the Tucson Convention Center.

Over 300 participants attended.



Co-sponsored conferences

http://www.consciousness.arizona.edu/images/clip_image001_030.gif    Summer, 2007                                                                    Salzburg, Austria


    Quantum Mind 3

July 17-21, 2007   

University of Salzburg



Budapest, Hungary

  Toward a Science of Consciousness July 23-27, 2007

Hungarian Foundation for Cognitive Science, Eotvos University









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