2012 Pre-Conference Workshop

4 hour workshop

Toward a Science of Consciousness

Loews Ventana Canyon Resort

Monday April 9    

9:00a - 1:00p 

                                    Introduction to the Neuroscience of Music


                                         Alexander J.Graur, Ph.D., MT-BC      

Music: a well known phenomenon. Since the first half of the nineteenth century is considered mostly as an Art- something

which deals with unconscious talent and “inspiration”.  But, from the dawn of civilization all over the world since the first half

of the 19th  century,  music was considered a science. The historical, classical “quadrivium” (the superior curriculum of studies)

lists:  Arithmetic, Geometry, Music and Astronomy. A person could not understand and use one of these without knowing the

precedent  ones.  Only in today’s world Music is considered as something useful, to relax only, having nothing to do with science.            A  misconception which leads the scientists to the lack of the precedent knowledge, actual applications and future opportunities

both in theoretical and practical direction Music Science can bring to their research.

With the intent to show to the Science world the up-to-date data regarding Music as a Science, this workshop will present

the following issues:

1. The Auditory system: anatomy and physiology;  2. The Brain and the audio information: physiological aspects;

 3. Memory: biology and mechanics; 4. Music: definitions; 5. Music and Brain; 6. Thinking in Music: what happens in the musician’s brain; 7. Music and Consciousness;  8. Conclusions: Implications and Applications; 9. Music Integrative Neurotherapy™: an Applied Neuroscience Method.

Target: neuroscientists, biologists, physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical music therapists.




Alexander J. Graur, Ph.D., MT-BC , Associate professor, University of Turin, Italy (Post graduate School in Health Psychology, Department of Psychology, collaborating with the Graduate Neuroscience Department, University of Turin.   Dr. Graur specializes in composition, musicology and clinical music therapy.

He received a graduate degree in Composition-Musicology and a diplomat in Medicine (P.A.P. -Physician Assistant in Psychiatry);

and is a  Board Certified (US) Clinical Music Therapist.  Since 1978, Dr. Graur has implemented the Music Integrative Neurotherapy™, an applied Neuroscience method combining Music, Psychiatry, Molecular Biology and Quantum Mechanics.  He is the associate editor of the Journal of  Biomusical Engineering (BioMed Central) and a member of the New York Academy of Sciences

Dr. Graur has had a long career as a soloist and composer (classical music) with performances and broadcasts of his works

in Italy, Germany, Romania, Switzerland and the U.S. , and is a recipient of numerous national and international prizes for interpretation

He has presented numerous workshops and seminars to audiences in Italy, China, South Korea and the U.S.