CONCURRENT SESSIONS - TSC 2010   (Locations TBA at TCC and Hotel Arizona)

Concurrent talks are 20 minutes each, with 5 minutes discussion. there are 5 talks per session, all on the same theme.

LCD projectors and lap tops available

Final Program


Tuesday April 13    -    4:30 - 6:35pm          Concurrent Sessions 1-7


1. Consciousness, Representation, and Thought
Spackman, Kobes, Pitt, Goff, Brogaard

Materialism, Dualism, and Higher-Order Thought
Weisberg, Molyneux, Fiala, Gennaro, Kiefer

3. Neurobiology and Theories of Consciousness: Brain Networks

Josipovic, Buracas, Bieberich, Alto, Brown

4. Unconscious Processes

Daltrozzo, Gorbunova, Shin, Walling, Polito

5. AI and Computational Models

Samsonovich, Dominey, Pearce, Maimon, Benda

6. Art, Media and Conscious Perception

Pepperell, Kerwin, Patten, Steen, Van Schie

7. Altered States of Consciousness

Baggott, Turausky, Lavallee, Roberts, Perry

Wednesday April 14   -    4:30 - 6:35pm     Concurrent Sessions 8-14

8. Introspection
Horgan, Schwitzgebel, Siewert, Adams, Spener

9. Panpsychism and Epiphenomenalism
Bruentrup, Buck, Seager, Robinson, Faw

10. Phenomenology and First-Person Approaches
Heavey, Coseru, Kordes, Mrazek, Gomes

11. Dreaming
Kahn, D'Agostino, Zadra, Kozmova, Gackenbach

12. Neural Correlates of Consciousness
Hubbard, Craigmyle, Mossbridge, Fekete, Saunders

13. Quantum and Subcellular Approaches
Neven, Castagnoli, Sahu, Woolf, Craddock

14. Contemplative, Spiritual and Religious Approaches

Klein, Bahir, Maitra, Seaberg, Bhamidipati

Friday April 16          -    4:30 - 6:35pm        Concurrent Sessions 15-21

15. Consciousness and the Self

Carter, Williford, Albahari, Fasching, Woodruff-Smith

16. Ontology of Perception

Bricklin, Stubenberg, Grube, Siegel, Manzotti

17. Neurobiology and Theories of Consciousness: Foundations
Young, Kozuch, Larock, Sytsma, Hung

18. Psychotherapy and Transformation

Mender, Johnson, Thurston, Beal, Kotagiri

19. Mind-Wandering
Song, Klonowski, Franklin, Langland-Hassan,Troyer

20. Evolution of Consciousness
Beran, McVeigh, Platt, McBeath, Victor

21. Nonlocal and Anomalous Phenomena
Schwartz, Van Lommel, Boccuzzi, Beischel, Delorme